This teaching and learning sequence will be delivered in two parts. In part one the teacher will model the inquiry process with a focus on Australian Celebrations and Commemorations. Part two involves a student-led inquiry and the focus will be on Global Celebrations. Students will be encouraged to use thinking routines throughout their investigations.

The Australian Curriculum: Geography, Civics and Citizenship, Arts and Literacy will be integrated throughout this program where appropriate, meaningful links are evident.


To gain a sense of the holistic nature of this program, it is essential pre-unit preparation to download and review the following resources:

Additional Programme Links:

Stories to Unite Us

Change, diversity and symbolism in the community

Community and Remembrance

  1. Teaching program, 'Celebrations and Commemorations' Resource 1 is designed to be downloaded and printed in A3 format. You may wish to highlight this Teaching Program to indicate which particular aspects of the Year 3 Australia History Curriculum are covered in this unit. This program format was designed to teach any topic within the Year 3 Australia History Curriculum, as all the key elements for this year level are included.

  2. Learning Sequence, 'Celebrations and Commemorations' Resource 2

Teaching and Learning Sequence:

Part 1 – Teacher Modelling the Inquiry Process: Australia

Activity 1 - Compare/Contrast the difference between Celebration and Commemoration.

Activity 2 - Does Australia Day have significance for all Australians? Celebration or commemoration?

Activity 3 - What is Harmony Week and why is it significant?

Activity 4 - What are the symbols and emblems connected with ANZAC Day? How and why are they significant?

Activity 5 - How and why are Australian Indigenous events celebrated and/or commemorated?

Part 2 – Student led inquiry: Global celebrations 

Activity 6 What are some significant celebrations around the world and how are they are celebrated?

Activity 7 - Exploring celebrations around the world. Summative assessment task.

Activity 8 Celebration Expo - Drawing conclusions and presenting evidence

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