Year 3 - Commemorating a Centenary of ANZAC's


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WW1 enlistment statistics Resource 6




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Worksheet 2.2

Reasons for men deciding to go to war

a) I went to war because the school books taught me it was a romantic thing - drums, uniforms, marching and glory

1) Loyalty to Britain and the Empire

b) I wanted to stop the enemy - I believed they were cruel and savage

2) Duty

c) I joined because I could not have looked people in the eye if I hadn't - I would have been a coward

3) Shame

d) I joined because I thought it would be a chance to get away from the farm and see the world

4) Mateship

e) I joined because it was every Australians duty to defend old Mother England where we had originally come from

5) Adventure

f) I joined because there was a drought and I had no work - and the pay was good

6) Money

g) I joined because Australia had to do her bit and show the world she was a great young nation

7) Romance and glory

h) I joined because my mates did - I wanted to stay with them

8) Patriotism to Australia



Gallipoli and the Anzacs - Unit 1 - Australia is at war—1914


B Battery Sergeant Major G Ellswrth

If I had stayed at home I would never have been able to hold my head up & look any decent girl in the face… Surely everyone must realise that the Empire is going thro a Crisis it has never gone thro’ before and that everyone is expected to do his duty now.



C. Private AJ McSparrow

I have enlisted… and I don’t regret it in the very least. I believe it is every young fellows duty. There are far better men than any of us have already gone, … besides every paper one lifts has something to say about young fellows being so slow in coming forward… we are the sort of young men who should go.


D Lance Corporal FC Mulvey

I have enrolled as a volunteer… one (son) can be spared for defence of Australia and Australia’s fate is going to be decided on the continent and not out here… being suited in physique and occupation and being prompted by a sense of duty and spirit of adventure I can hardly do anything else but volunteer.


J Lieutenant DG Armstrong

I am going to have a try for the war… I think I ought to go, they want all they can get and … I think it is the greatest opportunity for a chap to make a man of himself, those that come back from this war will be the right sort that anybody could be proud of.



See < Think; Puzzle; Explore> (link to Resource 8)

Think Puzzle Explore - Visible Thinking

AIF _ Australian Imperial Forces AIF was a separate and volunteer army

Australian Light Horse



See <Define AIF and Lighthorse> (link to Resource 9)



See< Indigenous volunteers> (link to Resource 10)

Indigenous  volunteers



See <Timeline-ReadWriteThink> (link to resource 11)

Timeline - ReadWriteThink



See <Romance of WW1> Resource 12

WW1 Romance - Romance of WW1



See < ANZAC-2014-2018-Centenary> (link to resource 13)


Sharing Victoria’s Stories & Making Connections site.



See <Egypt> (link to resource 14)

ANZAC’s are formed in Egypt.

WWI Gallipoli - Australian Army



See <Going to Gallipoli> (link to resource 15)

 Why were the soldiers sent to Gallipoli?



See <Scholastic Teacher notes> (link to resource 16)


Teacher Notes - Scholastic Australia



See <Periscope rifle> (link to resource 17)

Periscope rifle


Periscope rifle | Australian War Memorial

AWM REL/07429


See <Drip rifle> (link to resource 18)

Drip gun

AWM J00 364


See <The First Day> (link to Resource 19)

An ABC 3D documentary site about the WW1 ANZAC landing at Gallipoli, on 25 April 1915.

Gallipoli: The First Day - 3D Interactive Site | Australian Broadcasting ...


See < MULTILITERACIES> (link to Resource 20)

Teacher notes ‘Simpson and his donkey’



See < Youtube Simpson and his donkey> (link to Resource 21)

Simpson and his donkey

https ://



See <The Age> (link to Resource 22)

The Age



See < Man and donkey> (link to Resource 23)


Man and the Donkey


See <Dawn of the Legend> (link to Resource 24)

Dawn of the Legend




See < HEADLINE ROUTINE> (link to Resource 25)


Headlines - Visible Thinking


See <the-battle-of-chunuk> ( link to resources 26)

Images ‘the-battle-of-chunuk-bair-8-august-1915’




See <Landing 1> (link to Resources 27)

Photo analysis

 ‘Landing 1’



See <Bravery_18_gainingVC> (link to resource 28)

Photo Analysis





See <ART2039> (link to Resources 29)

Photo Analysis


Australian War Memorial



See<ART91309> ( link to resource 30)

Photo Analysis

The Sea

Australian War Memorial



See <panel6a> (link to Resource 31)

Photo Analysis





See<SOLE TOOLKIT> ( link to Resource 32)

SOLE Strategy Sample

Download the SOLE Toolkit -










See<Kemal Ataturk> (link to resource 34)

Kemal Ataturk

Kids.Net.Au - Encyclopedia > Mustafa Kemal Ataturk


See <Ataturk Memorial> (link to Resource 35)

Image ‘Ataturk memorial’



‘We Remember’ A primary School Resource exploring commemoration. (If you do not have this kit it can be brought online from the Australian War Memorial)

Resource 36



See<youtube Last Post with Memorial photos> ( link to resource 36)

The Last Post (for ANZAC Day)- song with memorial photos.

Watch -



See <Honor Roll>(link to Resource 38)

Reading images

Aberfeldie Bowling Club

Photo taken by Maggie Catterall



See <Australian ANZAC’s in the Great War> (link to resource 39)

Australian ANZAC’s in the Great war.



See< Roll of Honor at War memorial>(link to resource 40)

Reading images





See<nurses-primary> (link to Resource 41)




See<A is for ANZAC> (link to Resource 42)


A is for ANZACs



See <DVA resources> (link to Resource 43)



See <A day to Remember > (link to resource 44)


A day to Remember – THE STORY OF ANZAC DAY


See<The History Box Ballarat> (link to resource 45)


The history box Ballarat – Contacts :- Barry 0419 796658 ;  Cynda   0427 086551


See<Dawn of the LEGEND> (link to resource 46)

Dawn of the LEGEND



See<Meaning of AZNZAC>(link to Resource 47)

Video clip

The meaning of Anzac Day - History (3) - ABC Splash - http://splash ...

Anzac Day means different things to different people. Five people, of varying ages, share their thoughts and feelings about Anzac Day. Some have actually served in wartime, while others have a close family member who has.


See<My Grandad marches on Anzac Day> (link to resource 48)


‘My Grandad marches on Anzac Day’ by Christine Hoy


See<The going down of the sun> (link to resource 49)

Scootle video clip



See<Anzac Day-Ode and LastPost> (link to resource 50)


ANZAC Day- Ode and the Last Post – We will remember them.



See<ANZAC symbols> (link to resource 51)




See<ANZAC biscuits> (link to resource 52)

ANZAC biscuits’  by Phil Cummings


See<Youtube clips Anzac day 2014> (link to resource 53)

Anzac Day dawn Service 2014

Anzac Day ceremonies around the world

Ten Eyewitness news opener



See<The poppy>(link to Resource 54)


‘The poppy’ by Andrew Plant

‘We Remember’



 See<Gallipoli Oaks Project>(link to resource 55)

Introduce the class to the Gallipoli Oaks Project



See<We Remember> (link to Resource 56)


We Remember



See<The Rouse> (link to Resource 57)

The Rouse



See<One minutes silence> (link to resource 58)


One minutes silence by David Metzenhen

Photo taken by Maggie Catterall

St Monica’s Footscray



See<ANZAC DAY work> Resource 59




See<Make your own poppy> (link to Resource 60)

Make your own poppy


Make your own poppy - Australian War Memorial


See<ANZAC Day ceremony outline> (link to resource 61)

ANZAC DAY ceremony outline


ANZAC DAY ceremony outline - Department of Veterans    


See<ANZAC Lotus Assessment Sheet> (link to Resource 62)

ANZAC Lotus Assessment Sheet


This sheet can be completed on computer and printed as A3



Date and name of event



Who was involved?

Where did it happen?

Insert a map

What happened?


Insert a picture

Most important part of the event.

Why is it important?



How do we remember it?

Make a list

What can I use what I have learnt?

See<Affirmation template> (link to resource 63)

Affirmation ceremony


Affirmation template

See<Affirmation template> (link to resource 63)



& Year level




ANZAC Day presentation

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